Welcome to Faboo Yarn Company!

At Faboo Yarn Company, we take pride in our craft and are passionate about delivering the best products to our customers. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced knitter, we have the perfect yarn for your next project. Shop now and see the difference for yourself! If there is a color you want on a different base, order the appropriate base and leave a comment with the desired color.

Our yarns are made from high-quality protein fibers such as wool, alpaca, silk, cashmere, as well as some synthetic fibers like nylon, because let’s face it we need a little nylon now and again for durability. We use a variety of FABOO dyeing techniques to create unique and vibrant color combinations that are sure to inspire your next project. Each skein is carefully crafted with attention to detail and quality, and dyed haPPy, with the intention that you’ll look FABOO in whatever garment you make with our yarns. You will be confident in the finished product and wear your garment with style and panache. Our yarns are suitable for a variety of knitting and crochet projects.

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